Still going strong...

2011-09-16 00:27:23 by Warbrain

So, The comic that i'm making that is based on a cartoon i WAS making is going to be made into a cartoon.... weird huh? I've been making this comic for 3 months now and I think the time is right to put these guys in their first animated adventure!

Here's The Comic

I figured to ease into things I'd do a Halloween special or something instead of worrying about the pressure of a series, especially since I'm still super busy with game reviews all the way until march or so probably. But I do have some time for the next month or so. So I'm going to try to get something out for you guys.


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2012-01-17 20:21:22

Hey dude! Suck my dick! how are yah? C:

Warbrain responds:

I'm doin' pretty good over here. just gettin' some drawing done while i protest sopa by not using the internet (not that there'll be much internet left)


2012-02-02 20:17:36

I like your sig.

Warbrain responds:

yeah, it's pretty fuckin' awesome right? ;)